Social Media as Media and E-Marketing Tools

1. Facebook as a media and marketing tool.

2. YouTube as a media and marketing tool.

3. Twitter as a media and marketing tool.


Other Media Courses

1. Developing the skills of speaking to media for politicians, governmental officials and religious persons.

2. Using Media for Crises Management.

3. Writing documentary books

4. Writing and Translating Manuals and User Guides


The Target Students:

1) Newcomers to media, Journalism and filmmaking careers.

2) Individuals who are not able or willing to travel abroad to get a practical training will be satisfied with Liverpool Online Academy.

3) Age (any age).

4) No pre-requisite qualifications needed 


Teaching Method:

Liverpool Academy provides Blended learning:

Face-to-Face lectures 


Online/Distance learning technologies


The Trainees Group:

Courses are held for small groups (ranging from 10 to 15 trainees) 


Contact Us

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Address: Coventry, West Midlands , United Kingdom.

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